Treading upon the literary footpaths of Italo Calvino, Franz Kafka, and Jorge Luis Borges, Mark’s stories meld speculative physics, philosophies of destiny and fate, and a fascination with patterns mental and historic to probe the mysteries of human consciousness and non-linear time. One story digs into the mind of a man recovering from a bullet wound to the head, filtering reality through the damaged neural pathways of its protagonist. The heroine of a recently completed novel tests the limits of death after she discovers the ability to exist in multiple planes of existence. In another work, a man gains access to the life of someone else through the means of a book. From the molecular to the universal, Mark searches for those protruding threads signifying the unseen worlds of the possible, poking through the fabric of so-called reality. By pulling on those threads, a kind of curtain is lifted, and we are offered a glimpse into worlds we never knew existed.

Mark understands the effect a singular detail or fleeting moment can have on the trajectory of a life. His writing grasps these truths over and again, inviting readers to consider the hidden perplexities, the unexpected flashes of an other world, the sudden sway of mundane reality giving way to the layers of the mind. Built like lyrical hedge mazes, his stories swirl with both a poet’s imagination and a scientist’s gravity. Mark has even innovated new methods of character construction by employing multiple medias in the implementation of his work. Mark is currently working on a prequel to The Wreck of Reality.